Already since the beginning of traveling was the country of Berchtesgaden an object of recreation seekers. One of the most famous quotes comes from Ludwig Ganghofer, that tells a novel figure: "Whom God loves, he drops in this country" and Berchtesgaden is indeed a wonderful land here in the south of Bavaria.

A unique network of trails runs through the valley. Find ways in various difficulty levels. Here's to the casual way to walkers with very good condition something. Directly from our house away you can reach nearby paths on foot or mountain bike. Many more information on walking holidays finden Sie im Infoportal Berchtesgadeninfo.

Sightseeing find in the nearby area much interesting to discover and active holidaymakers will find plenty of opportunities and even the unique alpinism school in which to learn how to commit a climbing path. And then there is of course the world famous destinations such as the lake Königssee (, the Eagle's Nest, the Watzmanntherme and much more.



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